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Anita Bauer Hand Painted Silk - (913) 295-0249 -


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I can help you tap into your creative essence through painting in water-media, drawing and silk painting workshops and tutorials.


Gentle Drawing Techniques
In Different Media
Everyone is creative. Put aside doubts and let me guide you through basic techniques of drawing in different media. Be amazed at what you can do. Gentle hands-on, one-on-one approach.
Process Drawing Enjoy the process of drawing... A creative, step-by-step approach to developing personal line, exploring light and shadow, composition and perspective. Nurture inner creativity and enjoy the potentials of using pencil, charcoal, pen & ink, oil sticks, pastels, etc. All ages.
Drawing From Nature The mystery, beauty and diversity of thye New Mexico landscape provide inspiration for the study of light, color, design and composition. Approach is informal and emphasis is on personal process and individual interpretation of inner ad outer landscape through varied materials. Nurturing for all levels.
 Painting In Water Media Explore the versatility if Watercolors and/or acrylics. We will experiment with retarders, mediums, resins and different surfaces. Do in-depth exploration of Color Composition, and Concept and discover new possibilities for personal expression in a nurturing environment. Individual attention in studio and plein-aire. Beginners or advanced students welcome.
Color In Action We will explore the fundametals of color in action...mixing our own shades of color and finding new possibilities to suit our sensibilities. We will investigate traditional meanings of colors and try the sensory effects of color through the use of light and color gels. We will have fun painting and experimenting COLOR.
 Sumi-e Style Painting Chinese Sumi-e painting is a free but focused expression. It is an art of suggestion in which the shading, the flow, the spread and the texture of the lines capture the essence or the energy of the individual. Students will use special Chinese brushes, papers and inks (watercolors) to explore this most simple and beautiful art form and apply it to personal expression.
Silk Painting Workshop Learn techniques of painting on the luxurious surface of silk. Create original designs translated into scarves, wall hangings, and wearable art.
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